We’re so excited to share this new update because this will make it so much easier for you. No kidding!

We’ve always had the recurring feature before. But that old-school system requires you to prepare spreadsheets, then manually get in touch with the banks. It gets even more complicated when the customer’s card is declined.

Well those days are over and you will have full control of the whole procedure with our simplified auto recurring payment system.

First and foremost, your company must be approved to get the Non 3D Secured Merchant ID from the local banks. You can ask any local bank to apply. Once you are approved, you will be eligible to apply for this feature.

Here are the benefits of our new recurring feature:

  1. Automatically saves the customer’s payment card once they tick the agreement during the first payment.
  2. Automatically charge the customer’s card on a preset billing cycle.
  3. View the customer’s transaction details and status on our admin portal.
  4. Pause the charge, deactivate/activate the customer’s payment plan with just a few clicks in the admin portal.
  5. User friendly interface, all can be viewed and done in one page.
  6. Real time response where everything is updated in an instant.
  7. No need to call and send spreadsheets to the bank, and wait for their response.

You can read more about how subscription payment works here.

If you are interested to apply this feature for your business, contact us at sales.eghl@ghl.com