Step back and just ponder upon the question for a bit, why is it so important for your website to have a great UX?

Let’s be frank here, when something doesn’t look good, it isn’t enticing, you probably would not be able to find the product you are searching for, may be afraid of putting in your card details, even if you have made a purchase you’d probably wouldn’t go back and purchase from that store ever again and last but not least you would share your review to your peers on the bad experience you had face.

A good user experience is essential for e-commerce for the following reasons:

  1. A purchase is more likely to happen when a web store has a good user experience, that’s the ultimate merchant’s goal!
  2. Customers are more likely to visit again and re-purchase if the web store has a good user experience.
  3. If a user experience is “A Class”, it is more likely that the user will recommend the web store to other potential customers!

Here are the 5 reasons why User Experience contributing to higher sales:

  1. Strengthen Customer Loyalty
  2. Visible Difference in Return on Investment
  3. Increased Rate of Conversion
  4. Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  5. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

It is great that e-Commerce web owners are investing heavily in marketing ads, search engine, etc. but the better the user experience, the greater the chances of getting a good Return of Investment.

One of the most face issues for e-commerce web store is that the payment page is un-customizable and it has a lot of re-direct which isn’t good for the user experience, at eGHL we have a feature which is called Optimize, it is exactly as it sounds, it optimizes the experience by enabling merchants to design their own payment page without having to be PCI-DSS Compliance, contributing to greater user experience.

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