Doing business online means a bigger opportunity as you can target customers from all over the world. But to reap the harvest, you must first sow the seedlings into the right soil. With the right marketing formula, your profits will bloom.

So what is A Marketing Funnel?

The online marketing funnel is a channel that directs people into purchasing stages until they become your customers. It’s like a magnet that attracts people to your business and filters the ones you need to focus on.

There is so many formula of marketing funnels out there, but we believe this is the simplest, and most basic funnel each and every business can adopt to grow your customer base in the online market.

Did you know? The first funnel was created by Mr. E. St. Elmo in the 1898. Which means, the marketing funnel has been around for 120 years! Of course, the newer versions have been tweaked and developed to meet today’s business scenario.

Stages in the Online Marketing Funnel

The funnel addresses the buying process of a customer. So to make the best funnel, you must understand what each of your customers will go through. The buying process can be broken down into 5 stages, with the acronyms AIDE:

  1. Awareness – “Leads”
  2. Interest – “Prospects”
  3. Desire – “Customers”
  4. Engage – “Fans”

1. Awareness

At this stage, tell people about their PROBLEM and your solution. See, people might not even know that they have a problem you can solve. People do not look for solutions if they don’t know they have a problem. So at this stage, it is important to educate your customer about the problem your business is addressing, and how you can help them. Make them FEEL the pain of the problem, and the joy your solution brings. Once they are interested, they will become “leads”.

Suggested Marketing Strategy: Display & Video Awareness Campaign on Google Ads & Facebook Ads, Lookalike Ads.

2. Interest

Once you catch the leads, tell them why they NEED your solution. You need to convince them of your products or service and know that your leads will do their research. They will look for reviews, demonstrations, testimonials and tutorials on the internet. This is where your website, landing page, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages play the biggest role. Make sure you have ample information to convince the leads to inquire in and become “prospects”.

Suggested Marketing Strategy: Search Engine Marketing, Paid reviews, YouTube Tutorials, Facebook Live, Email Marketing.

3. Decision

With prospects, show them their OPTIONS to consider. Your prospects will look into your price and packages to decide which one is best for them. Here’s where you tell them the extra VALUE that they will get if they become your customers. You can also cross-sell any of your products/services at this stage. Once they take action and make the payment, they become your “customers”.

Suggested Marketing Strategy: Remarketing on Facebook Ads & Google Ads, Free Trials, Case Studies, Follow-Ups

4. Engagement

Congratulations, you have made the deal! It doesn’t stop here, now you need to care and engage with your satisfied customers to get positive feedback. If done right, they will not just become loyal customers but also fans that will rave about your brand to the worldwide web, especially their close friends and family. PERSONALISATION is the key to customers’ happiness. It does not have to be fancy, just a little something like cute thank you notes, or personalized birthday wishes will delight them.

Suggested Marketing Strategy: Birthday Discounts, Free Gifts, VIP Pass, Loyalty Points, Acknowledgements.

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As promised, here is your checklist! If you’re super committed, you can make a spreadsheet for this.

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