Basic Online Marketing Funnel

Doing business online means bigger opportunity as you can target customers from all over the world. But to reap the harvest, you must first sow the seedlings into the right soil. With the right m...

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Business \ Web app
Build Landing Page That Sells

The most important key element to your online marketing funnel is the Landing Page. It is a MUST to have a landing page to explain the Unique Selling Proposition of each type of product/service t...

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Business \ Payment
Simplified Automated Recurring Feature!

We're so excited to share this new update because this will make it so much easier for you. No kidding! We've always had the recurring feature before. But that old-school system requires yo...

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Payment \ Security
Watch Out for These Payment Scams

One of our colleague was scammed last week. He received a phone call from a lady claiming that she wrongly set the her  phone number for online banking & requested our colleague to read...

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Application \ Business \ Web app
3 Most Crucial Rule of Thumb for UX

Being in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, the term UX cannot be unfamiliar. It is one of the most important elements that contribute to a digital business success. U...

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Upgraded TLS to latest version TLS 1.2

Have you wondered about the security that is in place to protect transaction's that takes place over the world wide web? You might wonder what is the security that is in force behind a secure net...

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