Business that is running or venturing into e-commerce should know and not limit their options in terms of accepting payments from across all platforms, consumer loves choices… and eGHL we love to deliver!

Below are the commonly known payment method that is

  1. Online Banking
    FPX has 18 participating banks which consist of most of the popular banks in Malaysia, just to name a few Maybank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Public Bank, Bank Islam etc.
  2. Credit Card
    The common cards schemes are Visa & MasterCard which takes the bulk of the preferred payment method in Malaysia, we also offer Union Pay and supports AMEX card as well.
  3. Over The Counter (OTC)
    Most business owners who want to target the unbanked group in rural areas would opt for this option as it enables a consumer to purchase online but completes the payment via offline, we are working with ePay to offer this payment options for business owners to target the unbanked group.
  4. eWallet
    The hype of eWallet has been remarkable, in recent year alone there has been a lot of eWallet players in the market, eGHL is working closely with Boost & MCash to provide eWallet payment method for business owners to offer their consumers. (there will be more eWallet players coming on board too)

We are dedicated in offering a one stop solution where business owners can come too and get a variety of payment methods to provide choices for consumers to make payment.

If you are keen on knowing more about eGHL payment methods and solution, do write in to us at [email protected]