Thailand Online-to-Offline

Yes, you got that right, all merchants targeting customers based in Thailand can now activate this online-to-offline payment method. Your customers can order online and pay cash at any Big C outlet. You’ll instantly accept the payments in real-time.

Largest Hypermarket in Thailand

Big C is not just one of the largest hypermarket operators in Thailand, they also expanded to Vietnam, Laos and soon in Malaysia. With hundreds of stores spreading all over Thailand, Big C is a great cash point to add to your store and you can tap into a bigger audience – those without payment cards or banking accounts.

Big C’s chain of business include Big C SuperCenter, Big C Extra, Big C Market, Big Seafood Place, Mini Big C, and Pure Pharmacy.

Sounds great right?

How this works:

    1. Customer orders items online
    2. Customer chooses to pay with Big C
    3. QR code is generated for payment
    4. Customer goes to Big C and pay cash at counter
    5. Payment is accepted and merchant receives notification on transaction.
    6. Order is automatically marked as paid on the system

And the rest goes as usual. Pretty straight forward, isn’t it? Here’s how the QR code look like:

We believe it’s a good opportunity for both merchants and customers.

If you are interested to enable this on your payment page, do contact us at