You’re in business to get paid, so it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for you to see all of your transactions. After many months of effort, you’ll now find the Merchant Admin Portal App available on your smartphones.  

What is Merchant Admin Portal App?

The Merchant Admin Portal App is an admin portal mobile application for eGHL payment gateway’s merchants to view transactions. Once logged in, you can have access to all transactions seamlessly on the go. In addition to viewing from any device, you will have the ability to manage and send payments conveniently to customers.

Here’s the Merchant Admin Portal App highlights to break it down for you:

1. Dashboard Analytics

The Portal app makes it easy to view insights of all your sales through Dashboard Analytics.

2. Monitor Transactions On The Go

The app will automatically track your payments and will now make it easier to view your transactions.

3. Quick Summary

The new app makes it convenient to view the summary of your total transactions counts and amount.

4. Email Payment Link

With the app, you can manage and send email payments to your customers wherever and whenever you need directly from connected devices.

…and more to come!

Download Now: Google Play and App Store