Recently, a Malaysian Guy Loses RM896 Within Minutes where the scammer managed to access his bank account from his GrabPay account.

Watch out for “Special Campaign”

The guy was approached by his “friend” who re-created a new Instagram account. The friend messaged and asked for his mobile number, which he gave, assuming that his friend lost his phone. His “friend” told him that a Grab Activation Code (GAC) will be sent to his mobile as part of GrabPay’s 8th-year special campaign. Well, he gave it not once, but twice.

Watch out for a fake “friend”

A lady also reported to us a similar case. A “friend” of her who is a florist, sent her a message and asked for her mobile number. The “friend” claimed to add her for some Lazada campaign. This lady gave her phone number and received a “Grab Activation Code” message. Fortunately, she sensed there’s something wrong and decided to block the person. But she was just one step away from being scammed!

Protect your codes!

Grab Activation Code is a code sent to a GrabPay user’s phone number as an authorisation code to proceed with any transactions when you have linked debit/credit card or bank account to your GrabPay. 

Please, NEVER reveal your payment account details especially Activation or Authorisation codes to anyone, even your partner or parents. Scammers are smart to create convincing fake profiles and messages in order to trick you into revealing your personal information such as one-time password (OTP), PIN, or any other login details. If the SMS says “Do not share it with anyone”, do not share it with anyone.

If you find yourself scammed, please make a report as soon as possible so the payment service provider is able to cancel your order ASAP and refund your money back. If you use a credit card, you may be able to file for a chargeback.

Have you been approached by these scammers? How did you handle it?