Here are 5 Steps to plan out for your yearly promotions. It is important to plan ahead to ensure all your promotions are aligned with local events and happenings. When it comes to spending, timing is everything.

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1. Map out yearly events in your audience’s area.

If you’re in the Philippines, but your customers are from the United States, by all means, check the US events and holidays to wish and greet your customers. It would be really weird if your US-based customer receives a “Happy Rizal Day” wish in their email out of a sudden, wouldn’t it?

Feel free to print out the table below and jot in important dates and events in each monthly column. You can also take note of the school holidays if that may affect your target market’s schedule.

2. Pick suitable dates to run for a launch campaign.

Try to plan for a Big Launch once every quarter, and small launches every month. Reserve the big launch for your most special products or new arrivals. This would require big efforts in preparing the materials, and a longer period to run the campaign. The smaller launches, on the other hand, are simple one-day flash sale kind of promotions.

3. Brainstorm attractive offers and promotions.

Create your customer avatars and think of the perfect offers to attract them. Your offers don’t have to be discounts or free delivery, but it can be value-added service or gifts. Are your customers students? Perhaps a free smartwatch for the first 20 sign-ups would make them more excited than a free thumb drive? What were the past promotions that you’ve tried that worked and didn’t work?

4. Decide on your marketing channels and prepare the materials.

List out all online and offline efforts that you have done and haven’t done before. What are your marketing tools, communication channels, waitlist channel, and payment channels? Will you run video ads on Google or Facebook? Will you make a huge announcement on the press? How will you collect the leads database, and communicate to the waitlist? Try to experiment with new methods while continuing with current ways that already work. Then you can prepare the assets; copywriting and visuals in the correct formats.¬†Make sure you have optimized UX/UI as well.

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5. Insert them in your calendar and make reminders for all team members.

When will you post out the first teaser, run the ad campaign, and launch the sales? How about the final reminder and last call? Who is going to standby if there are many inquiries coming in, and who will check sales and timely delivery? Make sure everything is ready with a backup plan. Announcement posts can be scheduled a month in advance and double-check and update a week before pre-launch.


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