There are so many ways to do sales and marketing for online businesses. Using online platforms, you can diversify your income streams very easily. All you need is some creative juice, as well as the time and effort to put every single thing into place. In this post, you’re going to learn how to maximize your sales using eGHL’s buy-now-button & payment link features.

1. Text Messages

In this cyber era, there is still a handful of people who are still reluctant to buy on e-commerce and prefer to personally get in touch with a sales person. When closing sales on Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger, you can send a payment link so the customer can pay instantly without having to go on a browser or payment app manually. To make this business model work, all you need to do is hire a salesperson who manages “pm” or “dm” inquiries.

2. Landing page

A landing page is the number 1 weapon for online businesses. You can read how to make one at our previous blog post. Embed as many buy-now-button on one or multiple landing page.

3. Email subscription list

Managing your customer database is highly important and profitable. You can send out special VIP offers via email subscription list. The email can be a mini landing page with the details of your offer. Your raving fans can directly click on a “Buy Now” button and straightaway make the payment.

4. Secret or Private Group

If you have a membership business model, this is a great method to safely sell and make your offer. In a secret or private Social Media group, your tribe will happily buy on the payment link because they have trust in you.

Have you tried any of this method to sell and market your product/service? If you find this useful, do share it!