Since the start of Covid-19, many businesses have been affected as millions of people are forced to stay home. However, this crisis has proven that online business opportunities are to be explored as online and tech-based businesses are able to endure during the pandemic outbreak. During isolation, consumers are forced to explore online alternatives to brick-and-mortar. Today, if not 10 years ago, is the best time for businesses to go online. An online business can operate 24 hours, 365 days a year

How to bring your business online.

No matter what industry, product or services that you are selling, there’s always an opportunity to go digital. We have helped many businesses from various industries to set up their online business. Here are several ideas on taking your business online.

1. Virtual classes or consultation

The online learning industry is a huge market as demands for online consultations rises. Experts can give guidance and consultations through platforms like Zoom, Facebook or Instagram Live, and Skype. This way, you’re able to reach clients from all over the world. To market the classes, build a landing page and embed a Buy-Now-Button for purchase of a program. We also can help with membership renewals through our Email Payment Link system. Businesses that can explore virtual classes or consultations include gyms, beauty academy, interior design, advisory, tuition or tutoring, and literally anything!

2. Online Retail or Webstore

Most retail businesses have gone online despite having a massive chain of physical stores. Examples are our merchant Watsons, MrDIY and All IT. Even beauty spas like Sothy’s sell their products online. This is because many consumers prefer the ease of online shopping. Besides, running an online store is much more cost-effective and efficient compared to expanding physically. You can sell nationwide or internationally, making sales day & night. Setting up an online store can be easy with shopping cart and website platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, EasyStore, Shopify, Squarelet or Sitegiant.

3. Delivery & Logistics App

If you don’t have a product or service, a great business opportunity is to go into delivery and logistics. More customers are utilizing the online delivery services such as food delivery. However, other businesses are needing more and more help to get their products or documents delivered. Business like our merchant Lalamove and TheLorry can operate without having a physical drop-off office or big warehouse. Delivery can be booked through website or mobile app.

During crisis like this, most tech and digital business continue to operate by operating remotely, having staffs working from home. Businesses will need to address common questions regarding how they are adapting to the restrictions due to COVID-19. An example is practicing the required precautions including body temperature screenings and equip your staff with face masks to reduce possible infection exposure.

As many businesses continue to feel the increasing impact of Covid-19 crisis, eGHL is doing our best to help more new merchants to go online. In stressful times like these are precisely when businesses need support the most, and we are committed to doing our part to help.

Let us help you make the transition and go online, so your business prevails through tough times. Check out our latest campaign with EasyStore, eGHL SWIFT.

We hope that everyone will stay strong and continue to strive forward in these uncertain times.