How do you make people excited and eager to become your subscribers, customers or participants? In this post, we’ll discuss the secret to Call-to-Action a.k.a CTA that will get you many enthusiastic sign-ups!

What is a Call-to-Action?

Call-to-action is the part where you tell the audience exactly what to do so they know how to get your products, services or resources.  CTA can be as simple as two words, like “Buy Now”, or a full-sentence or two. For example, in our sign up form, we use “AUTOMATE YOUR PAYMENTS. Get your quotation now!”.

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Above is also a sample of call-to-action in the simplest form, suitable for general links. Usually, on each website, page or post, there are several CTAs presented. Therefore, you need to make the most important CTA super obvious than the others. Otherwise, you will end up with huge traffic leads that make little desired conversions. So the first thing to consider is what is the main CTA for a particular page.

See, once a lead gets into your landing page or sales page, it means they’re interested. But if you don’t give them a clear direction, they will find their way out of your website.

So how do you create irresistible CTAs that will make audiences excited to sign up?

1. Remove All Obstacles

One big obstacle that stops people from trying a product is because they are sceptical to how the product is better than the others. They don’t want to be spending money on something they’re not sure about, especially when it comes to big investments. To convince, let them see, feel and understand how your product/service give value to them. Make nothing-to-lose offers like first-timer discounts or free trials!

Another way to demonstrate your products/services without cutting the price is by hosting an introductory result and solution-oriented learning. The most cost and time effective medium is an e-book, or better, video tutorials delivered as an x-day email course. The more “aha!” the audience gets, the more excited they’d be.

2. Provide Social Proof

Social proof is reviews or feedback from previous or current customers as a validation that your products /services are as good as claimed. Always ask for feedback from your current and previous customers so that potential customers will see the reviews to support their decision. Present those social proof before and after your CTA.

3. Make the Button Pops

The button is everything. The most important thing is to make it the most visible thing on a page. Therefore the placement colour of the button plays a huge role. In design, there’s a term to make one element stand out from the rest, and it is called “anomaly”. Anomaly means different than the rest, so make the button bigger than any other buttons and make the colour contrast with the rest of the page.

4. Use Action Verb

Try to use an action verb to give the customer a clear direction. Avoid using “please” or “kindly”. Some examples of verbs are:

  • Sign Up
  • Start
  • Save
  • Subscribe
  • Get started
  • Try
  • Get
  • Grab
  • Snag
  • Learn
  • Join
  • Create
  • Book
  • View
  • Call
  • Shop
  • Explore
  • Discover
  • Schedule
  • Submit
  • Create
  • Activate

5. Create a Phrase

CTA phrases are more likely to plant seeds because they connect the offer and the consumer and let him/her imagine the great things they can achieve by clicking the button. Mix and match these words with the verbs above and you’ll get CTAs that convert!

  • Now / Instantly
  • Free
  • New
  • Only ___
  • __$/% OFF
  • Me/My/You/Your
  • Ready
  • __ others
  • Want
  • Yes!
  • Results/Benefits – Stop/seize/score/gain
  • Success
  • Journey/path/adventure

6. Pop a Question

The biggest mistake in converting sales is asking questions like “Are you interested?”. This will only give them a chance to change their mind. Instead, ask result or action-oriented questions like “Are you ready to get started and make more sales?”. You can also ask a yes or no questions, but make sure the questions will make the “No” to be discordant with their true beliefs and desires, like “Do you want to get financial freedom?”.

7. Create Urgency & Scarcity

These are two psychological principles that can work extremely well when used in moderation. Examples:

  • Before it’s too late!
  • Hurry, only ___ left!
  • Before it’s gone!
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Last chance…
  • Limited ____ available!

8. Offer a Bonus

What gives people the most satisfaction when they spend? It’s feeling like they received more than they bargained for. And people love gifts! So give them some as a bonus! Study your customer avatar so you can give them the perfect bonus. What would be useful and make them happy?

Call-to-action is very powerful. It is the most important part of a copywriting on an ad or a landing/product page. So, let practice. Share us a link to your product/services and with some CTAs!