Branding Guidelines

Welcome to our hub for branding guidelines and assets. Our brand is not just colors and logo – it’s how people experience us.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
-Leonardo Da Vinci

We believe that simplicity enhances efficiency. Which is why we make payment simple and efficient for everyone, and it reflects on our identity.

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The Logo

Our logo is our flag. It represents us, reflects the identity of Boldness and Simplicity.


To be used on a white or light background.


To be used on dark-colour background.

Red #cc202a
Blue #2e2f71
Green #1b9046
Yellow #ffc717

White #ffffff

Exclusion Zone

Our logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space.
It is safe to use 35 px but the minimum space is 15 px.

Logo Misuse

Our logo is an important and valued graphic element and must be used consistently and appropriately.
Even minor variations will undermine and compromise the brand identity.

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