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Tagihan Balik vs. Pengembalian Dana

Sebagian besar dari kita tahu apa itu pengembalian dana (refund) - ketika uang yang dibayarkan dikembalikan kepada pelanggan dari pedagang saat mereka mengembalikan produk yang dibeli karena ber...

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Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

How do you make people excited and eager to become your subscribers, customers or participants? In this post, we'll discuss the secret to Call-to-Action a.k.a CTA that will get you many enthusia...

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Don't fall for this e-Wallet Scam

Recently, a Malaysian Guy Loses RM896 Within Minutes where the scammer managed to access his bank account from his GrabPay account. Watch out for "Special Campaign" The guy was approac...

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What is a Payment Gateway?

We have come a long way of doing daily business deals from the barter system to monetary exchange. Nowadays, we can deal remotely from one end of the world to another, all thanks to online trans...

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