Tips and Updates on Payments

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Customer New Habits in Online Payment

A recent finding showed that customers’ payment habit has shifted from paying with cash to making cashless payments, more prominently a rise in eWallet users. In fact, the drastic change is tr...

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Fraud Protection in Payment Gateway

When starting out your business, you wouldn’t consider online fraud as a problem when you process multiple transactions in a day. But according to a research, online payment fraud is especiall...

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Cara Kerja Virtual Account

Di Indonesia, Virtual Account merupakan metode pembayaran alternatif terpopuler yang mengharuskan nasabah untuk mentransfer dana ke rekening bank virtual melalui aplikasi mobile banking dan lain...

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5 Best Criteria for Payment Gateway

The best payment gateway makes processing online payments simple and easy for customers to purchase your products. Customers drop and failed transactions are the many reasons why business owners...

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