3-D Secure is no stranger to cardholders as it has been implemented for years now, but do you know what is the purpose of this implementation?

What is 3-D Secure

Just an introduction, 3-D Secure (3-domain secure) is also known as payer authentication, it is a security protocol to prevent any fraud in transactions with credit and debit cards online from happening.

This service is provided by Visa and MasterCard under the name Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode

3-D Secure process

A (very simplified) 3-D Secure process is as follows:

  1. Card Holders will enter their card information in eGHL gateway (CardHolder Name, 16 Digit Card Number, Expiry, CVV, etc.)
  2. eGHL contacts a directory server to see whether the card is enrolled in 3-D Secure
  3. The directory server responds with a message indicating that the card is registered
  4. eGHL uses the message to redirect the cardholder to a “3-D Secure” page served by the issuing bank
  5. The cardholder authenticates themselves to the issuing bank on the 3D Secure page by entering OTP (One Time Pin) or known password etc.
  6. The result of this authentication is returned to eGHL
  7. eGHL submits the card information and the 3-D Secure authentication result to our acquiring bank
  8. Our acquiring bank authorises the transaction (by communicating with the credit card network and issuing bank)
  9. The response (success or failure) is passed back up the chain to the cardholder

Though it may seem like an additional step for the customers to key in the OTP (One Time Password), afraid not as the advantages of implementing 3-D Secure is that it reduces fraud from occurring, it makes shopping/commerce safer online, promotes brand loyalty and it is easy to use, it also develops customer confidence on websites and spending online.

Get 3-D Secure Payment

Feel free to contact our team if you’d like to know more about accepting 3-D Secure transactions for your business.